1. The Girl Who Cried Star Beast: (Epic Fantasy; Querying)


I wrote this book because I love books by N.K Jemisin, Brandon Sanderson, George R.R. Martin and Mark Lawrence. This is an epic fantasy with kingdoms and wars and monsters and goddesses. It was inspired by Amar Chitra Katha, which are illustrated Hindu myths that I grew up reading. It was inspired by stories of vague demons and goddesses that walk the line between the sacred and the profane. It was inspired by my grandmothers’ tales, by the Mahabharata, by Katha Sarit Sagara, and by the imprints and impressions of mythology.

It’s about a girl who can stop a war between two worlds – the human and the demonic – if only she can first untangle the mystery of why her mother had failed. It’s about a dancer turned spy who thinks she’s cursed by a deity she abandoned so that she could live her life. It’s about a boy who’s exiled from his world, and living in another that treats him like a monster. And it’s about a poisoner, who the world has failed.

2. Nightling: (Fantasy; WIP)

This is my Nano novel! It has aesthetics!


This is a modern fantasy. It’s got war, an f/f romance, a QPP pairing, more monsters, a long-planned revolution, dark magic, strange powers, and a moving magical school. It’s The Magicians meets This Savage Song.